what can a node do

patch-based writing: patch ordering, patch merging (conflicts). machinic writing. diff-based reading. pgp subkey signing instead of author.

hash as UI affordance to access piece (patch) of writing inside a larger piece of writing.

there is a transient and sabotaging happiness in the brief thought of there is no tomorrow. going to sleep hoping to die so nicely you'll wake up two times alive. no sidestepping from nor taking on new awareness as.

last spring an internal agitation took over body and had no need to drink plants: early, no alarm-clock wake up and early, ten pm going to sleep raids. that state of life drunkenness lasted for some weeks and mirrored back a constant anxiety that could have been also excitement for so many things, all nameless. i could not spell them out and preferred to stretch out that fever to the best was feasible.

prolonged enthusiasm rots into sadistic christian misery. the same nihil, can be performed with the best eyes of a going-through depressive state (muted brain, forgotten world experience, "happy to die in a mountain avalanche, at any moment").